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PETRUS PAPIER Ltd company products are made with traditional technology, exclusively from natural materials. Format, weight, watermark and other properties are mostly realized after consultation with customer.

Our handmade paper can improve the image of your company, office and personal correspondence. It takes pride in unique quality and look. Every single sheet of this prime quality paper can parade watermark of state, town, office or ministry, company logo or coat-of-arms.

Our products and services comprise:

  • invitation cards, greeting cards and business cards
  • writing paper and envelope cassette
  • exclusive certificates and diplomas
  • book sheets, graphic sheets and aquarelle sheets
  • art paper
  • letterpress, embossing and cooper writing
  • different scales of press according to your requirements
  • watermark paper, which can be designed according your personal preference
  • group or family excursions to our Paper-mill